Company history and profile Carsten Lebrecht

OPTI-SAFE was established in 1975 by Carsten Lebrecht, who is still the director and owner of the company.

The beginning
In the beginning, the company specialty was equipment for personal protection, which is still one of the main business areas in the company. Previously, the speciality was breathing protection, where we successfully have contributed to develop own products.

New products and co-operation
Bandages and first aid equipment were added to our list of products in 1977 and during 1979 to 1981 we were involved in the development of the new system of bandages for the National Defence. Since then we have had long-term contracts regarding the deliveries.
In 1981 Ambu A/S made an application via The Danish Red Cross. The result of this application was the co-operation that exist today and which most people know of. OPTI-SAFE has since then been distributing and selling Ambu's complete range of products.

Framework agreements with the first aid organization The Danish Red Cross and other similar organizations, the Civil Defence and the Foreign Ministry have played a central role in covering the Danish market of these products.

In 1988 OPTI-SAFE began a co-operation with the French and the Dutch groups "Bacou" and "Groeneveld-Intersafe" (today: Intersafe-Groeneveld). This co-operation has since 1998 only been with the Dutch partner in the group Intersafe Groeneveld, whose products are distributed in Scandinavia. Among these products you will also find the world-known welding equipment from the subsidiary company "Vlamboog B.V.".

OPTI-SAFE as of now
Today OPTI-SAFE import goods from all over the world, among these are The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, United Kingdom and Germany. Furthermore, we have our own products made in both China, India and Sweden. We are also Danish distributors of the hearing protection EARfoon.
As a small group, one of the visions in OPTI-SAFE is to run and develop a business area with the purpose of separating this area into an independent company within the OPTI-SAFE group.

This was why the company "OPTI-SAFE førstehjælp ApS" (OPTI-SAFE First Aid ApS") was founded in 1998. The main business areas are rescue, resuscitation and first aid equipment. In this way we cover the entire pre-hospital area. This Company has since been sold off.

Today OPTI-SAFE is a company in growth - still operating on the Business-to-Business market - yet always keeping the end-user's need in view.


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